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    Customer Reviews - Numatic PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Green

    Customer Reviews - Numatic PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner Green

    Numatic Henry Pet PET 200-11 Cylinder Vacuum Cleaner - Green
    £149.17 Ex VAT
    • Bagged
    • 9 Litres Dust Capacity
    • 10 m Cord Length
    • 2.2 m Hose Length
    • Dimensions (cm) - H37 x W36 x D34
    4.9 / 5

    Dose not live up to the name of Henry Pet vacuum

    after buying expensive vacuum cleaners in the past, I decided to see what was out there at a good price and good ratings. this lead me to order the Henry Pet, it was delivered yesterday and I put it to work this morning. Using the 190 Ecobrush that came with it, all I managed to vacuum was the hall way before I found myself having to clean the brush head and the inspection hatch underneath the brush head (without dismantling it), after that the brush head would not work. There was still good suction so no issues of blockage in the suction hose THIS HAS SO FAR TURNED OUT TO BE THE WORST VACUUM CLEANER THAT I HAVE PURCHASED

    Good but not brilliant.

    Not as good as I thought it would be. Bought mainly for dog hair on carpets. Don't really use the larger floor head as it was too hard to push/pull on the carpet and it didn't pick up any hair. Use the Eco 190 pet brush(this was in the box rather than the advertised Hairo brush - are they the same?) Picks up lots of hair and the carpet initially looks good, but on closer inspection there are still quite a few hairs remaining. Surprised that for a pet hair vacuum this doesn't have an anti-tangle brush. It's very difficult (and time consuming) to pick the hairs out of the brush, especially if you have arthritic fingers. Can't Numistic make a special comb for this? Like going back to a vacuum with a lead - no more waiting for hours for a recharge.
    R Williams

    Henry Pet

    I’ve only used it twice so far and whilst it does clean well, I’m not 100% convinced. It glides around nicely and isn’t heavy to lift, however it pulls very hard on the carpets and I only seem to be able to Hoover in one direction due to this. On hardwood and tiles it also doesn’t seem to pick everything up (I did use the correct attachment and setting). Another thing, but this may be down to me, the pieces seems to slide around even when pushed in firmly. I bought it based on good reviews and as we have a dog however I think I prefer my old Bosch!

    I’m happy

    It’s great better than the standard Henry
    Tony Barrett

    Henry per hoover

    It’s ok Paid extra for the pet one But the actual hoover brush isn’t very good it’s plastic not metal so can’t see it lasting long Bit disappointing Otherwise it does what a hoover does
    Dionne Webber

    Does what it is suppose to


    Name on the tin

    Arrived on time and the product was exactly what we were looking for.
    Warren Mayers

    Henry Pet Hoover

    Good old Henry, it is good for our pet hair. Very big and bulky but you know that’s what you are getting with a Henry! Seems to have good suction.