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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
    £355 Ex VAT
    • 40 Litres Capacity
    • 900 Watt Maximum Microwave Power
    • Touch Control Control Type
    • Touch Control Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H45.5 x W59.5 x D56
    4.6 / 5


    DO NOT BUY THIS PRODUCT IF YOU WANT TO USE THE OVEN. This can only be used as a microwave as, according to the engineer who came out to check, the oven function 'does now work like a normal oven'! It takes twice as long to reach the required temperature and then if you open the oven door the temperature drops dramatically (as shown by the engineer's thermometer) so you have to reheat again. We thought there was a fault on this but the engineer said no so guess what - we have been charged £70 to be told the oven is not fit for purpose. Hotpoint said to take it up with the seller - as it is obviously not their problem! Oh, and the control panel is difficult to read and overly complicated. We will never buy Hotpoint again.
    Jayne Gould


    Don’t bother wasting your money on my 4th in 18 months they rust inside on the snip that holds the tray and steam escapes the side wrecking the housing unit and adjacent doors have the matching oven which leaks from the bottom damaging the door below look fantastic if you have a show room kitchen that’s all there fit for these appliances need a urgent recall they have wrecked our kitchen units and doors ,we no longer use the oven and basically you have to stand at the microwave wiping the cupboards inside and out trust me stay away

    Lasted less than 3 year's SHOCKING!

    Microwave no longer works in less than 3 years of low use! I bought this microwave/oven for its style and functionality but I wish I had bought a better make! Hotpoint want to charge me to "try" and fix it. I cant believe it is already broken! I expected much better. stay away!!!!

    Broken in less than 3 years

    I bought this microwave/oven back in February 2019 for it's great looks and spec, now not even 3 years on its Broken already! microwave no longer heats!! £400 and it's only lasted 3 years? Hotpoint won't do a thing and want to charge to "try" and fix it. 0 stars from me! Bitterly disappointed, shame on you Hotpoint. Won't be buying Hotpoint again. DO NOT BUY THIS

    Truly awful microwave

    I’d give this product and Hotpoint customer service zero stars if I could. The microwave developed a really loud noise. While using oven mode it started smoking. I called Hotpoint - the replaced one of the parts but did not fix the noise so replaced another. The noise still was not fixed. Our initial engineer informed us that there is an issue with these models and some of them are presenting with this problem but it is not Hotpoint’s policy to replace the defective machines. When the noise persisted the next engineer who came out told us that microwaves are noisy... We are too nervous about the safety of the machine to use the oven mode any more. The noise is really awful when the microwave is in use. On top of this, the touch panel is awful to use. Really poor customer service from Hotpoint. I’ll never buy another of their products again.

    Poor quality

    Poor quality. Spend more money and buy a decent make. Wish I had the option to score Zero stars.

    A backward step in microwave oven design

    I have had this oven for 3 days and hate it. It may have some brilliant cooking features but fails on some of the most basic and important features. First the display and touch panel. I do not require glasses for everyday functions such as general reading, driving etc. but I cannot read the appalling display on this Hotpoint model without wearing reading glasses. The display is so dim and vague it is almost non-existant. Second problem with the touch controls is that they are so complicated. I have been measured with an iq of 142 and yet find the Hotpoint system unnecessarily complex and frustrating. Third and to me the most important failing is that you cannot set it to do multiple functions automatically on microwave setting. For example; The first morning I used this appliance was to cook porridge for 2 people. On my old Panasonic I could set it for 5 mins. on full power then set it for 5 mins. on simmer, all carried out automatically so that I could walk away till completion. With this model I need to set it for 5 mins. on full power. Stand and wait for program to complete and then reset for a further 5 mins on simmer power level. This to me is the most basic and necessary function of a microwave oven. Not just for porridge, that's just an example . There are many cooking processes where you need to bring something to temperature and then simmer. This appliance cannot do that automatically. So along with the appalling dim display, the over complicated touch control system and the failure to carry out basic functions then this is one appliance that is going back. Jamie Oliver praises its great multi function abilities which most of us use only occasionally. The everyday functions that we all buy a microwave oven for, I am afraid Hotpoint designers have failed miserably
    Mr L. Goddard

    Difficult to use, due to dull digital controls.

    We had to order this product as it was the only one that would fit (due to a kitchen refurb and available space!). The control panel is not very bright and is therefore difficult to navigate. Have since bought an Air Fryer, so this oven will probably be relegated to ‘Microwave’ only. A lot of money for a microwave ??
    Deborah Mellis