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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Hotpoint Class 6 MP676IXH Built In Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
    £349.17 Ex VAT
    • 40 Litres Capacity
    • 900 Watt Maximum Microwave Power
    • Touch Control Control Type
    • Touch Control Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H45.5 x W59.5 x D56
    4.6 / 5

    Good Quality Product That Looks Great

    The microwave is very well packaged for delivery. The installation was an easy process as it is a plug and play appliance, so no need for an electrician to install it. You will probably need a helper to lift it into place as it is not the lightest of items. Better to be safe than sorry. I like the build quality of the microwave which has a good solid feeling stainless steel bar handle on the door and stainless steel interior. We use our microwave mainly for defrosting and reheating food and I found this to be very easy to do using the Auto functions for this. At the top edge of the door there is a handy guide to remind you of the settings you can choose when using the Auto functions. You are provided with a daily reference guide as well which walks you through each step and it may be a good idea to keep this handy. It shows what you need and how to do it for a variety of different foods. It also comes with a selection of accessories that you may need for different cooking styles. A crisp plate to use with the crisp dynamic function, a baking tray for using when you use the microwave as a convection oven, a wire shelf for better browning and heat circulation, a steamer for steaming and a cover to reduce splashes and retain moisture during cooking. Another feature I did like was the Jet Start. You put your food item inside and press the start button. Each time you press the start button adds 30 seconds to the cook time. The microwave starts on the first press of the button. This is a 900 watt microwave so reheating times will be shorter than smaller output appliances, so it is quick to reheat food. The control panel is not cluttered with too many functions, which is great, and you may need to reference the guide a few times in the beginning but overall I found it fairly straight forward to use. It does have a reheat dynamic function which allows the oven to calculate the settings required to achieve the best results in the shortest amount of time but I've not tried this function yet. I have given this microwave oven 5 stars because I couldn't find fault with it at all. I'm very satisfied with it and would have no problem recommending it to family and friends.
    Product Tester
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    Hotpoint Combi Microwave

    Love the microwave. You do have to study instruction leaflet but once sorted it is easy to use and has lots of useful programs. I like the speedy grill, and the instant 30 second start which is great for making coffee etc. The advert with Jamie Oliver was good and I would have liked his recipe using the crisp tray included. Also it would be better if you were able to see in easier to see how the cooking is going. The included equipment is useful. The steamer, crisp tray and grill are in constant use. Overall very plesed with purchase.
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    Good product with lots of features

    Easy to install, well built and lots of features, we haven't used all of them yet.
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    Very Noisy

    This could be a great product but is let down by the horrendous drone it makes when in microwave mode. I have owned many microwaves in the past and some noise is expected when cooking but this one is very loud indeed. I really can’t stress enough just how loud this product is. I live in a large detached house and can hear it in every room. If you live in a flat don’t cook dinner late at night or you may wake the neighbours. Apart from that it does everything you would need
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    Good product except for the noise

    Our first attempt at this microwave has just been replaced because of the noise, but unfortunately the new one is just as bad. Although we are very satisfied with the cooking we could not recommend this product because of the noise - it can be heard from outside on the drive!
    Sue Buss
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    Looks good but highly flawed. Not very user friendly

    Bought this because my Panasonic built in combination microwave had finally given up. As Panasonic do not do a built in one to suit my requirements any more I had to do some research. My research resulted in me finally purchasing this Hotpoint model. I must say it fits perfectly and looks very neat and tidy. It also has a vast array of grilling, convection and microwave functions. Here lies first problem. My Panasonic also had a vast array of combination cooking functions which I could not fault. The difference is how easy the Panasonic was to use. We did not really need the instructions. Everything was so simple and self explanatory whereas the Hotpoint could not be more complicated. This does not mean that it is to complex to use, just that it is extremely messy and tiresome. My belief is that much of this is the result of the poor touchscreen. Touchscreens may look very slick and are easy to clean,( which they need to be. Every finger print shows ) but they are so impractical to use. Give me a couple of rotating knobs and a few push buttons any day. This brings me on to the second problem with the touchscreen. Why is it so dim. Under normal slightly dim daylight conditions in my Kitchen I cannot see the keypads clearly without switching on the kitchen lights. This extra illumination is not needed for everyday tasks. Just to see the touchscreen. And if it is a touchscreen why do I need to press the start and stop function so hard it pains my arthritic fingers. Now we go on to the functions. Yes it does so many things so well, with the exception of the main thing you buy a microwave oven for. "Programmable microwave". Every microwave that I have owned I have been able to programme in up to 3 separate functions and just press the start button once. Not this one. I first discovered this when I went to bring an item up to heat and them simmer for 20 mins. With my previous microwave ovens I simply put on full power for 5 mins. then programmed 20 mins. on simmer then a further 20 mins. on warm to keep it warm whilst I finished my work. This took about 10 seconds to programme in and just press the start button. Not this thing. I needed to programme in 5 mins. at full power and wait for it to finish then programme in 20 mins to simmer. and then when I came back I had to use the reheat function. This programmable microwaving is possibly a very basic function and yet is missing on this, "all bell and whistles" Hotpoint. So listen up Hotpoint. I have a regular fan assisted oven to do my cooking in. The combination functions added to a microwave oven are all very well but are really more of a convenience than a necessity. You have left behind what people need a microwave oven for. First and foremost to MICROWAVE cook with it. All other functions are secondary. Furthermore what is the point of having all of the extra cooking functions when the touchscreen interface is so poor and infuriating to use that I simply cant be bothered. So I have knocked off 1 star for its poor microwave functions. 1 star off for the unnecessarily complex touchscreen. And one star off for the poor visibility, the way every finger mark shows and the fact the touchscreen is actually a press me hard screen. I am very disappointed and the final selling point of this unit to me was Jamie Oliver. I wonder how much he was paid to endorse this and what he really thinks of it. Think about it you design technicians All appliances first priority is user friendly ease of use. Then it must at least be able to carry out the basic functions that it was intended for.
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    Microwave Combie Review

    Nice looking appliance, fairly easy to use and cooks well. Not bad value too!
    John Bellett
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    Best Multi-functional Microwave on the market!

    QUALITY! So many good points and a couple of minor negatives: Huge capacity ! will cook a whole chicken brilliantly quicker and cheaper than your standard oven. Looks amazing and feels high quality. The options are endless Convection , Microwave Grill. Perfect crispy Jacket potatoes in 10 - 12 minutes. This one unit at under £300 has rendered my two NEFF ovens at £1500 useless and unlike the ovens stainless interior a dream to clean. Roll on Christmas i may get to use one of the NEFFS! Menu system easy to understand. Auto functions great. Other comments and i'm nit picking now: 1. Ignore the other reviews the display does have a bright setting... however when in standby is very dim but when you open the door it goes back to full brightness. 2. because of the capacity this is a DEEP unit. make sure you measure depth of you cabinet as it goes nearly all the way back on a 60cm unit. 3. 2 year warranty rather than the standard 1 year warranty would be nice. But pretty much all other brands are only 12 months.10 year parts warranty however!
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