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    Customer Reviews - Shark IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Charcoal Grey / Silver

    Customer Reviews - Shark IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Charcoal Grey / Silver

    Shark Stratos with Anti-Hair Wrap Plus & Clean Sense IQ IZ420UKT Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Charcoal Grey / Silver
    £415.83 Ex VAT
    • 0.7 Litres Dust Capacity
    • 120 Minutes Maximum Run Time
    • HEPA Filter Type
    • Dry Cleaning Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H114 x W27 x D17
    4.9 / 5

    Brilliant cordless vacuum just a bit heavy

    I love this vacuum had to get it as my old one had broken the only thing I don’t like is it’s quite heavy. It vacuums the carpet lovely picking all bits up and making the carpet pile really stand up.
    Marjorie morris

    Now I understand the Shark hoover hype!

    I've always really hated cleaning, and particularly hoovering. Prior to this cordless Shark, I've only ever used conventional plugged-in, bagged, canister vacuums. Some better than others. But even the best canister makes I've tried fade into comparison to this Shark. The Shark Stratos cordless with two batteries is a solution to all my pet hates involving vacuums. Firstly, it's surprisingly small (especially folded up) and sturdy. Cordless is a revelation to me. I have a pretty big house, and dragging a canister hoover about - bumping along the walls and furniture was a pain, as was having to plug & unplug constantly as I went from room to room. The double battery means I can easily get the whole house done in one go, even if I forgot to charge one of the batteries. Performance-wise, this thing is the bomb! I was shocked to see what this vacuum was able to pick up from what I deemed to be a not too dirty floor. I love how the Stratos lights up the area you're cleaning too. How it hinges to allow for cleaning under beds and sofas. How it converts to a hand-held unit to allow for grabbing ceiling cobwebs and cleaning skirting boards and all those awkward wee corners. How it's bagless. Click and dump. I've gone from hoovering once a week, or fortnight, to hoovering nearly every day. In short, I think the Shark Stratos IQ IZ420UKT has made me love hoovering. I've even named it. Baby Shark, Shark, Shark, Shark, Shark....
    Lara Kats

    Shark Stratos

    Picks up pet hair, more than enough charge on one battery to hoover down stairs carpets and lino in kitchen

    It’s just perfect

    I’m amazed by the Shark Stratos Anti-Hair wrap performance!This little Shark is amazingly strong , I have 2 long haired cats and a dog but this vacuum definitely does the job . I’m actually surprised how well it picked up all the hair, fluffs, sand and dust. It works great on every type of flooring and carpets in my house. It’s senses itself what power to use and adjusts strength of the suction but you can manually adjust the settings if you prefer. It came with all attachments you need to keep your home cleaned to perfection. And that little Anti odour tabs! That just adds lovely fresh finish to it. If you looking for a cordless vacuum cleaner, should definitely go for Stratos .
    Anita Mc

    Powerful vacuum, no instructions needed. Good to go.

    The product is the best vacuum cleaner I have ever had. I’ve used them all!. So easy to use. It has two batteries so you can use one, charge one. Easy to fold down, easy to disconnect to hoover the stairs. It is very compact, neat when folded down. Great product.
    Elizabeth Daw

    Excellent Vacuum

    Ordered as my previous shark stopped working just after 2 years. Didn't realise it had 5 year guarantee. Anyway, new vacuum arrived next day. It's great and improved on previous. Slightly lighter .. clean IQ is a plus. Lastly ..I called about the previous vacuum and had the connecting pole replaced immediately, no hassle, very simple and now have a upstairs/back-up vacuum. So I know that Shark will definitely honour the 5 year guard on both .

    Cleans well for a cordless vacuum

    Good on hardwood floors as well as carpet. The clean sense works well, picking up dust that is not visible to the naked eye. The battery doesn’t last as long as advertised and the unit is quite heavy. Changing tools is also a bit fiddly, but overall very pleased.
    Jay Lewington

    Extra battery is great

    Really pleased with my new Shark. It has good suction and the 2 batteries give plenty of power for our 4 bed house. Happy with my purchase.
    Lisa Keyworth