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    Customer Reviews - Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Customer Reviews - Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White
    £349.17 Ex VAT
    • 15 Drying Programmes
    • 150 cm Power Cable Length
    • 48 Kg Weight
    • LED Display Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.6 x W59.7 x D63.3
    4.7 / 5

    Does exactly what it says on the tin!

    Nothing not to like. Does exactly what we wanted it to.

    Fantastic item for the price

    Having had this for a few weeks now it’s a fantastic product with great performance and usability. Beko products delivering great usage yet again.

    Excellent tumble dryer

    This is a first class product. It is straightforward to operate, and works well. I would recommend it to anyone. Good price too.
    Peter Lambert

    Great dryer

    Great dryer. Lots of drying options. It’s quiet. Takes a big load. Much quicker than my older one. This one was recommended by my repair guy which is why I chose this one and I’ve not been disappointed.

    Great dryer

    We've had this tumble dryer for a few weeks now. Previous beko condenser stopped working. Its lives in the airing cupboard with the door open a little. Drys the clothes perfectly well as long as i choose the correct setting. Only runs for 2-3 hours. Sometimes finishes sooner. Mixed daily works well. I like the glass door and the double filter is an improvement from the condenser version. It is a little noisy when the compressor kicks in but it wouldn't wake the kids up. It would however get annoying if in the same room as the tv. I also like that it doesn't get as hot as the previous dryer. I can get away with drying things that id used to hang. I cant comment yet regarding efficiency as im due to send off the meter readings in a few days. Fingers crossed.


    Excellent dryer. Being heat pump, it does take a little longer, but negligible. Cost of running... About 50% less than old condenser. Quiet and easy to use. Definitely recommend.
    Fiona Waltham

    Does what it says on the tin

    It dries our clothes and saves us a little bit of money on the old drier

    So far so good

    Very good. Proof will be when the electricity bill comes in but I like it. Does what it says on the tin. Dries evenly. Not too loud. Adjusts the time to completion. The only small niggle is that the door closure doesn’t have a satisfying click. So you’re not 100% sure the door is firmly closed (although presumably it wouldn’t start if it wasnt).
    Chris B