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    Customer Reviews - Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Customer Reviews - Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Beko DTLP91151W Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White
    £349.17 Ex VAT
    • (H)88 x (W)65 x (D)66 cm Dimensions With Packaging
    • 10 to 32 °C Required Room Temperature
    • 209 Minutes Cycle Duration
    • Buttons / Dial Control Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.6 x W59.7 x D63.3
    4.7 / 5

    very long drying time

    It takes 8 hours plus to dry a load. I have to put on two extra dry cycles as it is still wet after the first cycle. I am held hostage in my home by this dryer as I don't like to go out or sleep with it on!
    Alix Westwood

    Does not work.

    Does not work. Does not dry the clothes at all. Waiting for an engineer. Very disappointed.

    Pretty poor

    I received my Beko tumble dryer today. It replaced a 6 year old machine, which was still working but on its last legs. The delivery team were fantastic, but I'm not overly impressed with the machine yet. I tried drying some towels in it, and used the towels setting. After 3 hours, it stopped but they were still wet. I then put it on cupboard dry. After an hour, it was still going, so I checked on the towels. They were bone dry, but it doesn't seem to have a working sensor. Also, I find the internal light annoying, I don't really need the light on while it's drying but just when I open the door. Surely this is a waste of rlectricity? I doubt very much if I will ever buy Beko again, first and last time. I would not recommend to anyone.

    Nice Machine - Low Energy Use - Clothes Not Dry

    Energy consumption is incredible compared to a condenser dryer, by that, I mean in terms of how little it uses. The downside is, clothes don’t seem to come out completely dry. To add some context, if we put 2 large bath towels in it, we run it on the synthetics cycle, with the level 3 setting in dryness. This takes 1 hour 31 minutes for the cycle, and for the towels to end up near enough dry, it takes 2 whole cycles. Nice machine, but this doesn’t seem to work as we’d have hoped. Wish we’d have gone for a condenser as opposed to heat pump


    The performance of the dryer is great. However the filter, as mentioned by some other customers is not suitable at all. There is a two filter system, but the fluff gets through both of them and enters into the heating element potentially causing a fire in the future. I am currently monitoring this and will be contacting AO and the manufacturer at some point. The seal is not suitable and I’ve had to Hoover out a load of fluff from inside.
    Oliver Waite

    Great yet again !

    Super service, super delivery and super product !! Great deal all round !!

    Heat Pump Dryer

    Dryer seems to take a very long time to get things dry.

    Beware the ambient temperature requirements for heat pump dryers

    The product itself is probably fine, I didn't really get to try it out properly, but be aware that heat pump dryers do not work in cold rooms. If you are intending to put the dryer in a garage or unheated utility room it simply will not work. The heat pump requires an ambient temperature in excess of 10C to work at all and works best at even higher ambient temperatures (otherwise look forward to drying times well in excess of 3h even for a medium load). I swapped this for an equivalent non heat-pump dryer from Beko that I'm delighted with (working well in a cold room).
    Kim Jauncey