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    Customer Reviews - Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Customer Reviews - Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White
    £306.67 Ex VAT
    • 150 cm Power Cable Length
    • 44 Kg Weight
    • 8 Kg Drying Load
    • Express 45
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.9 x W59.5 x D64.9
    4.6 / 5

    Has only lasted a year :(

    Bought this in October 2021 as I wanted a heat pump dryer for environmental / energy saving purposes. Worked well until November 2022 when the drum stopped turning. I have had 5 engineer visits since and it's still not working. They've changed the motor, control module, pump & water sensor already, and today have ordered yet another pump & module. We have now been 2 months without a dryer & as it was 55 weeks after delivery I can't get a replacement - just keep on with the repairs or been offered money off a new one!!!
    Alison Higgs

    Not a dryer

    Leaves clothes damp regardless of setting or load size


    Disappointing. I’ve had it for some weeks now, but I’ve yet to find a setting that doesn’t leave the clothes damp. Supposedly it has a sensor, but not sure what it senses, because the inside of the door is still covered in condensation after it considers the job done. Also takes a remarkably long time going around and failing to dry. I tried reducing the load down to just one towel, but it still couldn’t cope. I had thought it might be quieter too. So generally a bit rubbish. It is however probably environmentally friendly – because it has encouraged me to dry my washing on the line as much as possible.
    Robert Prince

    Not one I would recommend

    Giving this two star for two reasons I bought this as it was a “Which” recommendation The first as faulty and ao replaced it, indesit however was not very helpful at all The second machine works a lot better but my main gripe is when the water tank fills up it doesn’t cut off. The water ends up accumulating at the bottom of the machine and I used rolled up tea towels to dry via the bottom lint vent. Again not sure if this is another faulty machine but when it works it’s great. Think I will have to email indesit again to find out if this is meant to cut off or generally it’s designed to just allow water to run through the machine
    Kelly Mehmet

    Takes its time

    Slightly confusing options for drying, but we’re getting used to it. We got it because it was kinder to the environment and our energy bills, but it takes three times longer to get a load dry, and even then I wouldn’t call it ‘ready for storage’ dry. It always seems slightly moist, whichever setting we use. No good for a busy family with several loads at a time, it would take all day and more.
    D Cole

    Takes 7 Hours to dry a normal load!!

    Very seldom dries the load in one cycle. Normally needs 2 taking over 7 hours especially if there is a duvet cover which I now have to dry on its own. Light clothes may be ok but jeans will need 2 cycles and these are on the highest setting which is meant to be straight to the cupboard. Am not sure how on earth it can be cheaper than my old drier which could dry a full load in 2 hours not 7!! Would not recommend.
    Moira Chestnut

    Not as dry as a condenser drier

    Doesn't get clothes as dry as a condenser drier but much cheaper to run

    Fantastic, so happy we chose Indesit

    So far so good. Product easy to install, just unpack, leave a few hrs and then plug in. Still learning which programmes work best and how much to put in for each, we are guessing at the moment rather than weighing each load. Really quiet compared to previous dryer, and so big. The water tank is pretty large and fills quickly so the dryer works very effectively. You can see on the display how long load has left which is handy, I won't leave it on if popping out. Laundry feels fantastic, so soft and fresh, so much nicer than the previous vented dryer left it, we were so surprised to feel the difference. Takes longer to dry than vented as lower temp, but clothes definitely feel nicer and I don't think there likely to shrink. I do love Indesit products and this has not dissapointed at all. It fit perfectly, no venting, works well and is quieter. We love it.
    Heidi Powell