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    Customer Reviews - Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Customer Reviews - Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Indesit YTM1182XUK Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White
    £290.83 Ex VAT
    • 150 cm Power Cable Length
    • 44 Kg Weight
    • 8 Kg Drying Load
    • Express 45
    • Dimensions (cm) - H84.9 x W59.5 x D64.9
    4.6 / 5

    Takes a long time, but good for cat hair

    The dryer works well, but does take a very long time compared to my 30 year old vented dryer. For damp clothes off the line, my old one used to dry them in 10 mins. This one would take 30 mins. I do like the Refresh option though - 20 mins no heat. This is especially useful for towels I've dried on a rack that just need softening up. Also for the pile of clothes that accumulate in my bedroom which are still clean, but a bit crumpled and sprinkled with cat hair. It's excellent at getting the cat hair off clothes. Fluff filter very easy to empty too. My main criticism is the controls - overly complex based on what you are drying. i.e. programme selection. I would have much preferred 2 simple dials where you can just set the heat to high/low and the duration. There is no way to set this machine to a simple option of hot for 10 mins. There is a manual timer, but the minimum is 30 mins. So in summary, it works, but I don't like it as much as the 30 yr old dryer it replaced and as it takes more than 3 times as long, I'm not convinced of the energy savings.


    long drying time, but otherwise good.

    Quiet and efficient

    Excellent drier, very quiet and very efficient. Different world from our old vented tumble drier!

    Good dryer

    Very happy with this dryer so far. It’s really quiet when running and clothes come out bone dry.

    Great dryer

    This dryer is great. It was manufactured in the UK so 1) any UK engineers should almost instantly know what issues are and fix them and 2) any UK parts should work really well with a UK-manufactured dryer. Apparently, the machine uses condensation to dry the clothes which is what a condensation dryer does even though the description clearly states heat pump. The energy usage is brilliant too as I can see the massive difference between my previous condenser dryer and this heat pump dryer. Drying times between these two are the condenser was around 2 hrs and the heat pump is around 3 hrs so a small difference to the drying time but the energy usage...WOW *two thumbs up*. I have not used all of the functions as most of my clothes are cotton so I just use the cotton or mixed function. I only have a small issue which is when emptying the water tank, there is always some water left inside. I would have to circle it, tilt it, rotate it about to try and empty it more but this is just me complaining. The condenser dryer water tank was better as it was more flat with less ridges so more water was released.

    Happy Customer - would recommend!

    Tumble Drier is quieter than expected and is much better at not over-drying the clothes and doesn't tie them up in knots. It is supposed to be better on electric use but I can't measure that directly, but its also got a great fluff filter that doesn't get clogged so easily is easier to clean out, and has a secondary fluff filter to protect the condenser/ heat pipe section from clogging.

    Glad I chose this kind of dryer

    Delighted with the appearance and functionality. Nicely dried and soft ready to fold or wear straight away. Easy to follow instructions.
    Thomas Durber

    Very pleased

    Very simple to use, much more efficient than our last tumble drier. Useful settings. Good value for money it seems compared to other similar products.
    Samantha Hemingway