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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint HIC3C26WUKN Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint HIC3C26WUKN Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Hotpoint HIC3C26WUKN Built In Full Size Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
    £315.83 Ex VAT
    • 14 Place Settings
    • E Energy Rating
    • 7 Programmes
    • 46 dB Noise Level
    • Dimensions (cm) - H82 x W59.5 x D55.5
    4.6 / 5

    Disappointing product and service

    Not one to write negative reviews but this has been without doubt the worst appliance I’ve ever purchased. Perhaps unlucky as other seem to have got more from theirs but has been constant issues; not starting for no apparent reason, rarely completes a cycle without just stopping and needing draining, got engineer out as issue with door stuck. Within warranty but his solution was to turn off the feature of the door opening when completed. This is one of the usps of the product and now no longer does it. Since warranty ended all the other issues have materialised and Customer Service have no interest in helping without charging for call-outs despite a 10year guarantee on parts of those parts break the cost of replacement exceeds the cost of the parts themselves. Overall clearly very disappointed with both the product and service from Hotpoint.
    Tom Fordham

    So far so good

    We’ve had the appliance for a week and so far so good. We upgraded from a slimline to full size appliance so are enjoying the extra space this appliance gives. It’s also handy that the back section of the bottom rack is collapsible to allow for pots and pans. The upper basket is well laid out and means we can have glasses, cups, bowls and side plates on the top rack. There seems to be a good selection of programmes- with quicker and more intensive options as well as a rinse/pre-wash (“soak”) cycle. We haven’t tried the 3D cycles yet. Dishes have come out sparkling clean. The only slight negative would be that I feel there is less space between the bottom and top racks compared to my previous dishwasher (even with the top rack up as high as it goes) but this hasn’t caused any major issues - just need to fill it more carefully if I have anything particularly tall to go in the bottom. Also the installation instructions were quite basic, thankfully we are quite used to DIY so this wasn’t too much of an issue. Overall we are satisfied with the appliance so far. If you’re purchasing this appliance make sure you have a bag of dishwasher salt ready and a bottle of rinse aid. I had to head to the shops before using it for the first time because we had no dishwasher salt in the house.

    Details about features, installation and the settings for plates.

    On the whole I’m happy with the purchase of this dishwasher. I bought the model HIC3C26WUKN after reading a lot of the reviews and also the spec on the AO and Hotpoint websites. Firstly, I want to dispel a myth. Some people reviewed and said that the dishwasher wasn’t able to cope with large plates because the spinning spray arms would hit the plates. This is easily sorted by raising the top shelf, a 30 second fix. I’ve raised the shelf and still have room for tall pint pots above. I was interested in the feature of other models/brands where the dishwasher opened at the end of the wash to allow better drying but I couldn’t see that listed as a feature on the model. I was pleased to find that this model does open at the end so I think that is really useful. I’ve got small children so I was concerned that my little boy would be able to open it further but the door seems heavy enough to prevent that. The only downside so far is the number of place setting. Whilst it’s reported as having room for 14 plates, I’d say that there are only 4/5 spaces for large plates/pasta bowls; this is a disappointing shortfall. There's room for lots of little plates but that’s not very helpful. I’d rather have 12 larger settings than 14 small ones. Installation was simple, much easier than on a previous dishwasher. You push the machine into place, then you can adjust the height of the back and the front while it’s in place. It doesn’t need you to keep pulling it out and pushing back in (which was painful on the last one I installed). Tools required: screwdriver, bradawl and a hex socket set with a driver. The results are great, pots are coming out clean and smell great. None of that ‘wet dog smell’ (!) when you use only a small amount of rinse aid inserted. I’m happy so far, just loses one star for the size of the settings.

    Small plates only

    The machine cleans well, is quiet and there are a good selection of programmes. The issue that I have with the appliance is that it can't wash more than 4-5 large plates (26cm) or chopping boards due to the rotating wash blade striking the plates. This all but removes 90% usage of the entire bottom draw. If you can't use the appliances to it's maximum each and every wash then it has some serious environmental issues. Wish I hadn't purchased it as I can't use it the same way as my last.

    Easy to use dishwasher and extremely quiet when running

    I have had this integrated dishwasher for over a month. Easy to install the front kitchen door panel and includes the paper template and screws. Easy to use and program with a simple digital display inside and a pause button. However the pause/start button was NOT sometimes responsive - you had to press it a few times to activate the start cycle process. Do note when you open the door while in a cycle, the dishwasher goes into pause and you have to press the pause/start button again to continue the cycle. It uses exactly the same concept of stacking the cutlery into the two drawers, with the standard salt filling and filter cleaning at the inside floor of the dishwasher. It's extremely quiet when running - great when kept in a open kitchen and cleans well when set to economy mode. When the cycle has stopped the door opens automatically to allow the evaporation of the water from the cutlery which will be dry within a few hours before being removed from the dishwasher.
    Ashok Roy

    Not a good design

    Don't think it's designed well. Narrow dish rack means even normal size dinner plates remain upright and touches the blade. Upper rack is fitted bit lower. Same thing with upper rack, groves for bowls too narrow. Avoid if possible

    Good so far but....

    Hotpoint HIC3C26WUKN Standard Dishwasher in Stainless Steel is a nice product. However; the bottom of the cutlery basket broke within 3 months and no replacement is offered without being signed up to cover via D&G for Hotpoint. If a product can't do 3 months without dropping to bits you need make it right not upsell.
    Martin Reid

    MIxed, product seems okay, after sales service by whirlpool, poor

    Service and delivery was excellent. The dishwasher works well so looking forward to many years of faithful service. I'm used to the AO sales pitch to buy insurance that I don't want - or I would have ordered it with the product. Why do they insist on this call under the pretext of checking the delivery details? After sales service from Whirlpool / Hotpoint was very poor. Kept on the line and punished by being put on extended hold because I queried why they wanted to use my details for marketing when they insisted (erroneously) that the extended speech before you get put through to speak to someone tells you that if you don't want your details used for marketing you need to tell them so, This is wrong on both counts. It also makes them money by having me on the line as long as possible, so I get why they are so awful at this bit. AO you would be better dealing with aftersales queries yourself rather than relying on Whirlpool to do a bad job. Delivery guys couldn't have been nicer and more helpful. So all in all a mixed experience.