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    Customer Reviews - Baumatic BOS243X Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Baumatic BOS243X Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Baumatic BOS243X Built Under Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel
    £290.83 Ex VAT
    • Electric Fuel Type
    • Multifunctional Main Cavity Type
    • Electric Conventional Oven / Grill Second Cavity Type
    • 2 Cavities
    • Dimensions (cm) - H72 x W59.5 x D56.8
    4.4 / 5

    Hitpoint oven

    Looks so smart in my kitchen and perfect for cooking

    Quick warm up, simple controls.

    Small oven means it warms up quickly. Controls clear to understand, and offer a range of cooking options. Small oven may not be suitable for large joint or a big turkey. If you need more size, a single oven may be more suitable. So far I have used a grill and the top oven with very satisfactory results.
    Iain Keegan

    Baumatic built under double electric oven

    Simple to fit and use. Top and bottom ovens are similar in size, which is different to our old over, as we had one main oven and a smaller grill /top oven. No complaints so far!
    Adam Cross

    Ovens simply too small

    I'm afraid we returned this item. Despite the build quality being good and the appliance height being 72cm (as opposed to a single oven height 60 cm) the layout is really not conducive to home cooking. The problem of design seems to run across many models... namely that the interior height of each oven is only some 20+ cm, and if you want to put a pan or casserole on the lowest shelf (as opposed to standing on the bottom of the oven) the tallest casserole you can actually get in is just 13-14cm. Most of our cooking utensils won't fit. When, oh when will the manufacturers learn to put in a normal-height main oven with a small separate grill above? This would be SO much more useful!
    James Rogers

    Bought to replace a previous Baumatic oven

    Bought this to replace a double oven from Baumatic which was used for over 18yrs+. I chose this replacement based on the size of the space the unit needed to fit into. I don't feel the new oven was of a better quality than the old AND my qualified electrician felt the 'new' box at the rear to connect the electrics was also not of the same quality. I believe the original company has been bought over - maybe the reason for these differences. The product information / instruction manual is not at all clear - Shows imdicators I do not have on my oven. To be honest the booklet is disappointing. Still trying to fathom out how to use the units as there is an extra dial compared to my old oven. Looks good.
    Gladys Stewart

    Double oven

    The oven is an oven and does what it says it will - the only thing I found not correct was the burn off time of transient packing - it took well over 2 hours at highest heat and generated a lot of smoke - apart from that the oven is excellent.
    Angela Crowson

    Excellent product

    We already had the same oven and it had served us faithfully for 14 years. This oven however is slightly smaller and I had to make some minor adjustments, namely raising the housing rails and moving the hob supply back an inch. When this was done the oven fit in nicely. No doubt it will serve us well for the same amount of time.
    Willia m Wallace

    Pleased with it

    We chose this as it was the cheapest option that fitted the space of our old oven, but are really pleased with it, good quality, looks good and was easy to install
    Chris Marsh