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    Customer Reviews - Samsung VR30T85513W Robotic Vacuum Cleaner White

    Customer Reviews - Samsung VR30T85513W Robotic Vacuum Cleaner White

    Samsung Jet™ Bot+ VR30T85513W Robotic Vacuum Cleaner - White
    £749.17 Ex VAT
    • Bagless
    • Room Mapping Function
    • SmartThings
    • Works With Bixby
    • Dimensions (cm) - H10 x W35 x D35
    4.4 / 5

    Looks impressive but too complicated for me

    No use for a non techno savvy person
    Ann Early

    Great but not perfect

    Brilliant! So much better than my old one (bagotte bg800max) but doesn't have mop function so not quite perfect. Hoover function is far superior and the mapping is brilliant. A little noisy but nothing too bad. Dust bags are a little small and expensive to replace. Wish it was just a reusable container instead.
    Sebastien Lewis

    Where have you been my whole life

    Where have you been my whole life. Easy to set up even easier to use. Don't know why it's taken me so long to get one!
    Jason Gray

    Manual Hoovering forgot now we have our Bot!

    The Jet Bot always amazes me with it's intelligent cleaning :-) Bot manoeuvres really well negotiating hard floor, carpets and rugs . We have a long haired dog that likes to leave his fur balls along with fur tumble weed everywhere which the Bot eats up - no problem! programming is easy and once Bot has mapped and allocated the rooms we set Bot off on a twice hoovering mission everyday. Whole house in the morning and then allocated high use rooms in the evening. Only had to empty the bag once in one month. Bot decides when he need to empty the load Bot takes the stress out of thinking about hoovering - yes the corners are tricky but now it's a 5 minute job just to quickly hoover the corners if Bots brushes hasn't quite reached the spot Comes highly recommended for a stress free experience
    Jon Mars

    Doesn’t suck!

    Fantastic product, the repeat cleans until battery is flat makes the carpets look great.

    Easy to order, fast delivery. Fabulous product, which really does clean as good as any vacuum cleaner.

    Easy to use Great cleaning power Looks stylish
    Danielle Thomas

    great product well worth the buy

    love it does a better job than me i love that i can programme to clean when i’m on way home from work would definitely recommend yeah it was expensive but well worth it
    christie wade

    Miracle worker for floors and carpets

    Great gadget for hoovering my floors especially for an elderly lady ?? I can just sit put my feet up and watch my hoover clean and sweep up the rooms I used to do myself I would highly recommend this hoover to any one young and older persons
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