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    Customer Reviews - Bosch SMD6TCX00E Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Bosch SMD6TCX00E Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Bosch Series 6 SMD6TCX00E Built In Full Size Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
    £832.50 Ex VAT
    • 14 Place Settings
    • A Energy Rating
    • 6 Programmes
    • 44 dB Noise Level
    • Dimensions (cm) - H81.5 x W59.8 x D55
    4.8 / 5

    Overall a happy customer

    Great function settings and easy to use. Like the eco settings and options. No problems with the cleaning ability. Minor feedback is that the draws are a tad rickety when you pull them out.

    mixed opinion.overall good

    love the quiet, the A rating and the organising space. Find the self-opening door and push fit door a bit annoying.
    katrina triffitt

    Get what you pay for with Bosch

    Good quality item, exactly what you’d expect from Bosch.

    It cleans and it is quiet.

    2 weeks in, it cleans and is quiet. I'm not amazed by the Zeolith drying, plastic often has moisture still on it, it is a bit better then the 15 year old Siemens device it replaced though. I'm not quite sure of the point of the red light, while it is quiet it is not so quiet that I can't hear it in operation, and if I want to find how long left I still need to open it up to look at the display. Installation did take the 2+ hours it suggested, however 1.5 hours of this was trying to understand the installation diagram! Bosch, why do you supply 10 user manuals in different languages but only one poorly laid out and insufficiently commented diagram for installation? For the help of others: The only difference between the two sides of the diagram is that one side is for one piece cupboard doors, and the other is where you want a fake door at the top. The rest is the same as far as I could work out. There is a metal sheet supplied that needs to be attached to the underside of the worktop. This is only needed for wood/chipboard as a moisture protector, granite and other non-porous worktops don't need it. Most of the fittings are inside in the middle basket but not all. Before you push the dishwasher into the cavity make sure you remove the rubber sheet that is on top that is used to go behind the kickboard. Doh! The maximum foot rise is 6cm so you will need to stack something underneath them if the gap underneath the units is large. I found the two wooden supports from the packing ideal for this. The front legs are stiff to adjust, particularly to start with. Have the right size spanner and room to wield it. Fitting the power, water and drain was easy. It is just a replacement of the existing connections. Fitting the cabinet door is not too difficult. Essentially use the template to measure/mark the gap between the top of the doors and the worktop on the surrounding units and then shift this on the door you want to fit. My tip would be to only drill 30-40% of the required fixings, leave the template in place and do a test fit. If it is OK, then drill the rest otherwise adjust template and redrill. Remember though it may be easier to adjust the surrounding doors rather than drill a lot of new holes in slightly different positions.
    Mr T

    Good product

    Very quiet and I'm impressed with the energy consumption but the app is a bit challenging but the machine itself easy to operate Overall I'm pleased with the product

    It is very nice and full of features, not quite sure it’s worth the price

    Overall, very happy with the product: we absolutely love the push-opening mechanism, it cleans very well, takes a hell of a lot of dishes, the adjustable shelf is really nice and the zeolith drying does get even plastic chopping boards dry. It is a little bit on the noisier side (the washing machine seems more quiet!) and it was absolutely horrible to fit (took us over 3 hours!). I would definitely recommend the fitting service. The HomeConnect connection sounds funky - and I’m all for a connected home in general - but in case of the dishwasher it’s a bit pointless: I have to put the tablet in and close it anyway, so much easier to start it there and then. The app doesn’t give much extra to that, just an easier way to set the water hardness and rinse aid levels. Would have been nice if I could at least open it remotely (so e.g. open it when it finishes). Obviously, you shouldn’t expect everything to be perfectly dry by the way: if you placed items (cups are the main culprits here) in a way that they pool up water, they won’t be dry.
    Reka Gay

    One of very few A rated

    This is a well made dishwasher that was easy to fit. It cleans well, but the economy programmes take up to 5 hours! We chose it for its A rating, so I guess we have to live with that.
    George Sallows

    Seems ok

    Seems ok, a bit fiddly to get the drawers the right height. Arrived with a damaged front