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    Customer Reviews - Samsung Series 4 Dual Cook NV7B4430ZAS Wifi Connected Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Customer Reviews - Samsung Series 4 Dual Cook NV7B4430ZAS Wifi Connected Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated

    Samsung Series 4 Dual Cook NV7B4430ZAS Wifi Connected Built In Electric Single Oven - Stainless Steel - A+ Rated
    £424.17 Ex VAT
    • A+ Energy Rating
    • Multifunctional Main Cavity Type
    • Large (65 litres and above) Main Cavity Size
    • Electric Fuel Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H59.6 x W59.5 x D57
    4.4 / 5

    AO not a fault but came with grill not working

    Great oven that is easy to use, timer and delayed timer so much easier than my old one, I only gave it 4 start as the grill doesn't work and I am waiting on an engineer coming out, took me a couple of weeks to realise this as we hadn't used the grill, only the oven for the Christmas dinner, oven used a lot since, only thing I'd say is the function choices dial could be clearer although it does light up on the display channel. Not easy to see the temperature button, interior light switch and timer button though, could have been much clearer, now go by 'memory' of location rather than getting the phone torch out!

    Fantastic oven

    Great oven with a wealth of settings and modes. Heats very quickly so ready to cook in minutes. Only downside is the beeping when it reaches temp.
    Blair Nichols

    Great oven, app connectivity really useful

    Great oven. Love that I have the ability to cook at different temperatures in the two cooking zones. Heats up to temperature very quickly, and maintains the temperature very well. The telescopic rail is fantastic when baking in large containers (dutch oven for sourdough in my case). I just wish all rails were telescopic. App functionality is great, I can turn the oven on and head off to do something else and it alerts me via my phone when it's ready, be that preheating or cooking. Uses a lot less electricity than my old oven too and is remarkably quiet.
    Kristine Wright

    Cooking made easy

    Looks really smart. Best thing ever to have a dual oven and I can use just the one section. Does play a quiet funny long tune to let you know it has heated to desired temperature. Love the optional features.
    Paula Drury

    Looks great

    An amazing piece of kit that's also self cleaning and cheap to run.
    Kirk Dugard

    Dual cook

    Love the dual cook feature - I just use the top oven most of the time and it heats up so quickly!


    Pros. It's fast to preheat, it looks smart, and it cooks pretty evenly. The telescopic arms are fab, but it's only on one set of rails. My fault entirely for making assumptions, but it seems a shame that you're limited. Cons. The flipping musical tones that come on when you turn it on. I don't need 20 seconds of chiming to let me know the oven is on. It's utterly pointless, and very annoying. Ditto having bleeps for every button press. We've ended up silencing the whole thing. The manuel is dire, and Samsung were close to zero help when asking simple questions. It took them a month to advise me that the lack of backlight on the display panel is intentional. This is by far my biggest irritation. To set the timer, temperature, turn on the oven light etc, you have to try and find the right icon, which has handily been done as mid grey on a black background. Seriously, whoever designed it this way should find another job. 9 months in I'm still annoyed *every *single *time I use the oven. £200 ovens have back lights, why did they look at this and think 'yeah, you have to bend to get the oven to eye level and study the panel to work out what's where every time you use it, I'd say our job is done'?! Another little niggle is that the clock seems to lose time. We've had to change the time about every 6 weeks since getting it as it's dropped a minute or two. Very odd. Lastly, there seems to be an odd feature where the racks slide in most of the way, but then you have to lift them over a lip for the last inch or so, they don't just slide straight in. I don't know how many times we've tried to shut the door and realised the rack is still slightly out, and has to be lifted up and over the lip. Not great when you have sloppy items in the oven. Our last oven was an older, cheaper, version of the same type of oven, and honestly, aside from not having telescopic arms, I preferred it immensely.
    Not happy

    Stylish oven

    I like that it’s easy to use and clean. Plenty of features. Quick preheat option. Works well.
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