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    Customer Reviews - Apple MQJ83B/A Smart Speaker White

    Customer Reviews - Apple MQJ83B/A Smart Speaker White

    Apple HomePod (2nd Generation) MQJ83B/A Smart Speaker - White
    £249.17 Ex VAT
    • Touch Control Control Type
    • AirPlay 2
    • Handoff
    • Matter Compatibility
    • Dimensions (cm) - H16.8 x W14.2 x D14.2
    4.9 / 5

    Great sounding, but not perfect.

    I bought two Apple HomePods because I wanted to link them as a stereo pair. The pros: Setting up the HomePods is quite straightforward, one was very quick and the other took ages, I have absolutely no idea why. Linking them was fairly straightforward too. The cons: They tend to be quite glitchy now and again, even if the internet signal is fine one HomePod will drop out of sync now and again, and I found that restarting the HomePods sorts them out. Even after the latest update there are several glitches, for example the HomePods sometimes drop out and lose the wi-fi signal they are connected to now and again, even though the wi-fi signal is fine. In all I think the new HomePod 2nd generation is okay, but Apple really need to sort out a patch update to stop the HomePods from firstly unpairing, and secondly dropping out and losing the wi-fi signal. For now the only recommended fix is to restart your HomePod and as a second measure restart your modem too. I find that they work fine afterwards. Older Apple iMacs and Laptops (from 2016 going backwards) have a lot of trouble Airplaying the HomePods, they drop out consistently as these iMacs and Laptops don't have the relevant software to cope anymore as Apple stopped updating those. I found that my HomePods have zero problems when used with the Apple TV 4K, the sound is clear and precise and for some reason does not drop out or lose the wi-fi when using. I would give the HomePod 2nd generation 7/10
    Michelle Graham


    This is Wow !! A lot of improvement and a great job!

    Great sound

    Very easy to link to my phone’s music. Great sound. Better than Sonos

    Grat sound

    Apple home pod spatialy two in the room is brilliant sound. Is it
    Robert K

    The home speaker must have.

    I’d had the HomePod mini for a few years and the sound quality was good, until I purchased Apples newest version. Wow , I don’t know what they pack into the speaker but the sound is fantastic Add spatial audio tracks from the iTunes Store and the music sounds like it’s coming from all around you. Definitely worth buying this item.
    Sam Towner

    Amazing speaker

    Amazing smart speaker and the sound is incredible

    Amazing product

    Awesome sound very easy to set up much better then the MK1 Home Pods by far. AO once again delivered on time with minimum fuss and fast service.
    Paul Davies