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    Customer Reviews - Smeg MOE34CXIUK 34 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Smeg MOE34CXIUK 34 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel

    Smeg MOE34CXIUK 34 Litre Combination Microwave Oven - Stainless Steel
    £357.50 Ex VAT
    • 34 Litres Capacity
    • 1000 Watt Maximum Microwave Power
    • Dial / Touch Control Type
    • 5 Power Levels
    • Dimensions (cm) - H31.4 x W51.9 x D50.7
    4.8 / 5


    Had this a couple of days. It's my 4th combi microwave, excellent so far, but it would be very useful to know what the various temperature combinations are for the C1 C2 etc. No idea what cooking time to put in without this info. Does anyone know??
    Pat Cross

    Excellent quality for the price

    Used to have a Panasonic NN-DS596BBPQ (2 of them which both averaged a lifespan of about 1.5 years each from new) before we got this one and can safely say that the Smeg's price-to-quality ratio far outweighs that of the Panasonic(s) we owned before they both failed. However, the Panasonic(s) had more functions for those culinary chefs but where unreliable, whereas the Smeg keeps things simple and straightforward and does what any and every combi-microwave should do. As for the Smeg's reliability, it is still something yet to be seen as we've only owned it for less than two weeks and therefore it's too soon to say. As for any literate person using this microwave will find that the instructions are not as complicated as most users claim the product to be. In comparison, the Panasonics we had were advertised/marketed as 27ltr capacity but when we measured the internal dimensions they worked out to be ~24ltrs whereas the Smeg measured to be ~34ltrs as advertised/marketed. However, becaue the Panasonics did not have a turntable like the Smeg does, we found that the practical useable volume (space) inside both the Panasonic(s) and the Smeg is pretty much the same given that the Panasonics are 27ltr (~24ltrs) and the Smeg is 34ltrs and this was also evidenced by the size of the trays that we took out from the Panasonic which fitted perfectly into the Smeg as if they had been made specifically for the Smeg. Should you not belive this, just get a tape measure and measure for yourself. As for the energy efficient ratings; non of the microwaves come with any, this also inludes all the other microwaves we've owned and I don't know why this is so (not to say that there are'nt some without energy efficient ratings, it's just that we've never come across one).

    Great product

    It’s a well made, great looking product that does everything we wanted and is deserving of the five star rating. The instruction manual that accompanies it however, is next to useless. It makes reference to various codes and symbols but nowhere in the instructions does it actually tell you what these codes or symbols mean. Nor does it give you any indicative cooking times. I wouldn’t let this put you off buying the microwave but be prepared for a lot of trial and error whilst learning how to use it!
    Stuart Barnes

    Great Microwave / Oven

    Really only intended to replace our old microwave with a new one, but in the end decided it was worth spending a bit more and getting a more functional one from a quality manufacturer. Microwave works well and has a good range of settings; the oven feature is excellent and my daughter has decided that when she gets her place this is all she needs. No gripes or grumbles at all - only point to note that it is a large microwave and takes up more space than I was expecting - there is quite a 'back' to it so just measure before you commit!
    Chris L

    SMEG Stainless almost bullet-proof microwave oven.

    This is certainly a quality product, large, solid, stylish and gives an impression of quality and has FULL function, Microwave, Grill and Convection oven. Not perfect however, fell short of 5 stars because: 1) The door stops abruptly at 90 degrees, so be carefull not to open too enthusiastically or the door hinges could easily be damaged... a wider opening angle of 120 degrees with a damper would have been good for such a high-end item. 2) The door latch uses the same plastic lugs as much cheaper models, again a metal design would go with the overall quality design. 3) The Stop/Cancel button is 3rd down on the right-hand side, not the most intuitive place when you're rushing to cancel it ! Apart from my 'niggles', this is a beautiful and very capable oven.

    Tidy looking machine.

    Pros; The microwave is very good and does what I need it to do now I've figured out how to operate it. It's easy to clean and over all it's a very nice tidy looking machine and as a bonus it's very quiet in operation. Cons; The operating instructions were very minimal and did not include cooking times which was not helpful as it's 200w more powerful than my previous microwave, I couldn't find cooking times for it on the Smeg website either but this is down to the manufacturers and Is not the fault of AO.


    We only took delivery about a week ago and so far everything is good. Controls are well laid out and intuitive. I would like to note that the convection oven's maximum temperature setting is 200°C. So if you need to bake items that would require plus 200°C you would have to cook it longer.


    Very satisfied with the Smeg Combi Microwave and use it all the time instead of my usual built in oven. it dose everything and more than my oven and I have more control over it. with a great selection of programs and a fantastic size weather cooking for two or a large family. I Love it thank you Smeg
    Mrs Hilary Medley.