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    Customer Reviews - Shark HZ500UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner Rose Gold

    Customer Reviews - Shark HZ500UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner Rose Gold

    Shark Anti-Hair Wrap with Flexology and True Pet HZ500UKT Upright Vacuum Cleaner - Rose Gold
    £151.67 Ex VAT
    • 0.3 Litres Dust Capacity
    • 10 m Cord Length
    • Manufacturer Warranty Domestic Use Only
    • Bagless
    • Dimensions (cm) - H118 x W26 x D41
    4.8 / 5

    Heavy going

    Fine on wooden floors but far too hard to use on carpets. Really heavy going. Thought this style would have been lighter to use. Don’t like the roller ball movement and not great getting into corners. Only positive was that it folds down and easy to store. Wish I could have had a free trial as definitely would not have kept it.
    Joan McGoldrick

    Behold! The kitty hair buster!

    Best vacuum cleaner I've ever had. With three cats in the house that are in a seemingly constant state of shed, our past vacuum cleaners have struggled to make a dent in the layer of hair over everything. This vacuum soars through it, lifting everything up out of carpets and upholstery without breaking a sweat. It's light weight and easy to carry around even for someone with chronic back problems. The cable is long enough to give you plenty of room to move, in fact its so long the only improvement I think could be made is some kind of reel to wind it back in! But hey, it's a minor inconvenience for the power of this thing. If you have pets, don't hesitate.
    jennifer lee

    Great if you have short hair

    Great hoover. Although this is much better than my Dyson, my long hair is permanently wrapped in this hoover & I am regularly taking a pair of scissors to it… Is it enough to stop me from recommending? No, it’s a really good hoover and I’ve never had a hoover that I haven’t had to do this with, I just wish they hadn’t branded it as a hoover that would stop this

    Professional cleaner recommends

    This is my third Shark hoover and I absolutely love them. I own and operate a cleaning company and have the non pet model in this too but have leased it to one of my cleaners. We don't drive, so put these in our trollies. That speaks absolute volumes to how lightweight and compact this vacuum is! Now, as a professional cleaner of 8 years, I have tried and tested near every vacuum and these are my absolute favourite. Why? -The ease of movement. The Shark glides with you, not against you. Perfect for people with mobility issues who may struggle. -The headlights! Revolutionary. Sometimes I even turn the lights off and vacuum in the dark so I can see the dirt even more! -The built in accessories. This model comes with your usual detailer tube but I rarely need it as they have cleverly made the end of the connecting tube for each one you take out a detailer too, so it's just press, remove, vacuum. -The anti hairwrap. Oh my GOD. A lifesaver. And it actually works. -The emptying system. This is new in the later Sharks, you just press a button and you can remove the whole tank and walk away with it with ease. Also makes it super easy to clean this without potentially damaging other parts. -The length of the cable. 10 meters is going to be a lot of floor without changing plug points. -The pet tool. Ohhhh it's glorious. Can make quick work of the hairest of sofas! I recommend this product to all my clients. It's got all of the convenience of a cordless vacuum without the time limit! Take it from us, this is one of the best vacuums on the market right now.
    Jessica Baines

    Amazing product!

    Absolutely love my new hoover. It feels like my carpets and floors are actually clean now after our old one from another brand just wasn’t picking up anymore. I’m obsessed I can’t stop hoovering!

    Good for the price

    Very good for hard floors but not so great on carpets, will be better if it had a bigger dust collector

    Great hoover

    Brilliant hoover especially on carpets, easy glides across whilst lifting carpet and getting all dust out. Easy detachable parts for extra areas. Very happy ??
    Melissa Topping

    Good vacuum cleaner Ideal for smaller properties.

    Very good upright vacuum cleaner with powerful suction which works well for hard floors. For carpets it is adequate although I would have liked the brushes to have been a bit more vigorous. The size of the dust container is very small so it's a good job that emptying the dust is simple to do because it needs to be done quite frequently. This vacuum cleaner is ideal for smaller properties.
    M. Devlin