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    Customer Reviews - Hoover HLEH9A2TCEB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Black / Chrome

    Customer Reviews - Hoover HLEH9A2TCEB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer Black / Chrome

    Hoover H-DRY 300 HLEH9A2TCEB Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - Black / Chrome
    £382.50 Ex VAT
    • 2.16 Kwh Energy Consumption
    • 260 Minutes Cycle Duration
    • Quick Dry
    • 14 Drying Programmes
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D60
    4.7 / 5


    Not sure if I like the product. The door is hard to open also as it gets full up with water it tends to weigh the door down. Also seems longer to dry the clothes plus I have more ironing to do


    This dryer has been a massive improvement on the last product that we had in use. We are very pleased with this dryer does a fantastic job considering that we have three small children and two adults to deal with absolutely pleased
    Vincent Miller

    Hoover tumble dryer

    Excellent customer service from the AO team - presales through to post delivery. Excellent product that works very well.
    Vellendra Sannasy

    Highly recommended

    Very happy with my new heat pump tumble dryer, not too noisy and good sized drum. I really like the digital display and personally love that the water tank is attached to the door, its easy to release and fit back and also you can see how full it is at a glance. The only downside is that the instruction booklet isn’t the easiest document to decipher!!!
    Julie Lamb

    New heat pump drier

    Really had no idea about heat pump driers! Always had vented. The lack of handle seems to bother some people but I don’t struggle with it. The water tank in the door is easy to remove and empty. The fluff filter is easy too. It looks smart and I suppose the only drawback is the amount of time taken to dry clothes is a lot longer than my old machine. The drum size is great.
    Angela Orridge


    Great and relatively light. Innovative water collection in the door. I don’t think the rapid service actually fries. items
    Johanna Kaschke


    Excellent product, very low energy m, efficient with a great appearance

    Fresh soft and cost less

    3 Weeks in and I'm so far impressed with this dryer uses a lot less electricity than normal condenser dryers. Clothes come out soft and smell as fresh as line dried.
    John Pennington
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