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    Customer Reviews - Hoover HDIH2T1047 Slimline Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Hoover HDIH2T1047 Slimline Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Hoover HDIH2T1047 Built In Slimline Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
    £274.17 Ex VAT
    • 10 Place Settings
    • E Energy Rating
    • 8 Programmes
    • 47 dB Noise Level
    • Dimensions (cm) - H82 x W44.8 x D55.9
    4.6 / 5


    Had 2 of these now and the both leaked due to being bent DO NOT BUY
    Luke Ormsby

    Average at best

    Only purchased this dishwasher as it was the only one available that was the width I needed, otherwise I wouldn’t have chose it. Overall it’s a bit disappointing. •Adjusting the back feet was a pain to get it level. •No matter what setting you put it on, items on the top shelf never fully dry and there’s always water and residue left on items. •Doesn’t alert you when it’s low on salt. •Only positives are that for the size it does hold a good amount of items. And wasn’t expensive, however I would’ve rather had more choice and paid more for a better dishwasher.

    Feels very cheap

    The buttons make this dishwasher feel Very cheap deff not as robust feeling as per the last hotpoint dishwasher we had & I get the impression it won’t last long , the door fixing kit was also very difficult
    Maureen Boxer

    Pretty good

    Easy to fit, nice and quiet. No way if knowing when the cycle is over if you miss the sound and doesn't dry brilliantly. Still, a huge improvement on our old unit!

    Good dishwasher, with a minor design annoyance.

    Great product for a slimline dishwasher. Only annoyance would be the top left cutlery tray, which cant be folded up and clipped into place like the right side, so it's either remove or use in the down position. Which means the tray needs emptying to get to the bits underneath. Cleans well though, and included all the bits needed to install, including the door mounting guide. Good item for the price and would probably make the same choice.
    Jim bob

    Hoover Dishwasher

    I was limited to choice due to trying to fit my new dishwasher into a space which was already there. I’ve always been a fan of Hoover and my last dishwasher happened to also be a Hoover. Not used it much yet but if it performs like my previous one I’ll be happy. Does what it says. It also has a quick wash which is very useful.


    It is good just fits as my space is very small. There is good space for plates but I think the cutlery box is a bit small. And the spring on the hinge of the door is to powerful so I have to hold it with my leg whilst unloading.
    George Buchanan

    44.5cm width was what sold it

    I bought this solely based on the width (44.5cm as opposed to the standard 45cm) as I was replacing an old dishwasher and had no extra room. It fitted - just! The machine itself is decent for the price. Has a good 30 minute rapid programme and you can put the rack at the bottom down to make space for pans.