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    Customer Reviews - AEG FFB53937ZM Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - AEG FFB53937ZM Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    AEG SatelliteClean® FFB53937ZM Full Size Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
    £405 Ex VAT
    • 14 Place Settings
    • D Energy Rating
    • 6 Programmes
    • 44 dB Noise Level
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W59.8 x D62.2
    4.8 / 5

    Nice machine but there’s a few expectations that haven’t been fulfilled

    Sleek design that is aesthetically pleasing, along with great reviews and the automatic door opener at the end of the cycle were the reasons that persuaded me to purchase this dish washer. Drying has been disappointing though and I have to use rinse aid and engage the ‘Hygiene’ option in order to get close to the dryness of my previous machine ( a Bosch). The trays aren’t as sturdy either. So some pros and cons. Jury is still out …

    Plenty of pros, a couple of cons

    I’ve been using this machine for a few weeks now and overall I’m impressed with its performance. There are however some aspects that I think could be improved. I’ve listed the pros and cons I’ve found so far below : Pros : Plenty of space for a family of 4 without having to run every day The cutlery drawer at the top is a nice feature and saves a lot of room from having a seperate basket Good standard of clean and no problems with anything coming out partially cleaned, Very quiet when running Good selection of cycles to choose from (the eco cycle is really long though!). Cons: Flexible middle shelf height seemed like a great idea but in reality it fouls on a normal size dinner plate at its lowest setting so will rarely be of any use. Valve on the inlet pipe is awkwardly large and we had to cut away a much bigger section in the back of our cupboard under the sink to allow it to feed through to the pipework. This could be impossible in other configurations- we were lucky. Build quality is quite plastic and lower quality than I would have expected at this price point. It is much lighter than our old model though so manoeuvring was easier. Door open to dry feature is a bit of a gimmick. It doesn’t dry any better or worse than our 15 year old one without this feature.

    First Impressions: AEG SatelliteClean 6000 (FFB53937ZM) Dishwasher

    The AEG SatelliteClean 6000 dishwasher (model number FFB53937ZM) was well packaged when received, giving it a good amount of protection along it's route from manufacturer to consumer. Disappointingly, there was a substantial amount of polystyrene as part of that packaging, which isn't very environmentally friendly. Upon removal of the packaging, we could see that the stainless steel finish on the door looked fantastic, and fit well into our kitchen that has other stainless steel products fitted. The instruction manual for the AEG SatelliteClean 6000 is clear and well laid out. With it was a leaflet regarding extending the 1 year manufacturer's warranty to a free (extended by 1 year) 2 years warranty. The installation of the dishwasher was straight forward, because we'd just removed our faulty dishwasher, so the water and drainage supplies already existed. The AEG SatelliteClean 6000 dishwasher looks great with its stainless steel external door, as already mentioned. It has a very modern looking inside too, with a clean stainless steel lining, and coordinating racks that are grey with a red trim and look very stylish. The bottom rack gives various loading options for different sized objects requiring cleaning eg saucepans or plates. This is done using raisable racks within the bottom tray. Instead of a cutlery basket, this model includes a cutlery tray, which we personally prefer. We've found cutlery washes cleaner in a tray, and most importantly knives are safer! The control panel is not only easy to understand and use, but also looks good and adds to the overall stylish look of the dishwasher. In conclusion: Having never owned any AEG appliance previously, we had nothing to base our expectations on. Initial impressions are very positive. We now want to see how effectively the dishwasher cleans and drys. Particularly as it has its Satellite Cleaning Arm and Airdry Door Opening features.

    A Good Buy

    Dishwasher quieter than expected Washes well as well as drying like the fact that the door opens whilst drying so as to save energy Easy to install and use Impressed so far

    Another order

    Great product and as is the normal from ao, an exceptional service.

    Well impressed

    Brilliant dishwasher - easy to use and cleans really really well. It’s fairly quite and designed really well especially for the cutlery tray

    Perfect fit for families

    We purchased the AEG FB53937ZM dishwasher as a replacement for our old dishwasher which had become faulty. We looked at a few different models but settled on this one as it was the right colour for our kitchen and we liked fact it had a cutlery tray as opposed to a cutlery basket, we just felt that it would give us more usable space on the bottom rack for larger items. The dishwasher arrived well packed and protected but without excessive amounts of packaging which you are then left with the hassle of trying to dispose of. The dishwasher was easy to plumb in, although we did have all the necessary plumbing already in place from the old machine. I am really pleased with the feel and quality of this dishwasher it is so easy to use in fact I am sure you could navigate the dishwasher without the use of the instructions if you are that way inclined (everyone else in my household). The dishwasher easily accommodates our family of four and we seem to have some very enthusiastic cup and cutlery users. I find the wine glass stem holder and silicone grips an amazing addition, it makes me feel so much more confident when putting my stemmed glasses into the dishwasher. It has an excellent range of cycles meaning it fits with our needs and timescales. It is easy to select the desired program and start. Every cycle we have used so far has produced brilliant results. Absolutely love how quiet this machine is when in operation and the door opening for the air dry means it is easy for my teenager to identify when the cleaning cycle has finished. All in all I am really pleased with the AEG dishwasher, it fits really well into our lifestyle. It looks great and delivers fantastic results when cleaning a wide range of kitchenwear including items made of plastic (dishwasher safe), glass, steel and ceramic. I would happily recommend this AEG dishwasher to others and will definitely consider the brand for any future large appliance purchases.
    Jennifer E

    It's oh, so, quiet... shhh!

    I've needed a new dishwasher for a while as my prongs had started to rust and fall off! The dishwasher arrived with very little packaging which made installing it a breeze. It was up and running in minutes. I plugged it in and set it running. At this point I started to panic as I could not hear anything. There was nothing wrong, it's just far far quieter than my old one! The dishwasher gets dishes really clean, even plastic ones which were an issue with my old one. The satellite arm seems to give good coverage everywhere with no blackspots. I have a total mismatch of crockery and so far it has accepted everything I've tried to put in it. The layout of the prongs is different to my old dishwasher, so it's been a little like going up a level on dishwasher Tetris! Hours of fun for all the family ;) The middle rack is height adjustable to give more space to the bottom or middle racks depending on what you have to go in. It takes seconds to adjust - lift it up and it stays there, lift it again and it drops. My old dishwasher had height adjustment, but was so fiddly to do that I never bothered! The cutlery drawer is amazing. I was concerned it wouldn't accommodate the hodgepodge of different brands, sizes and shapes of cutlery I have acquired over the years but it takes everything. Even the chunky handled plastic cutlery that never fit in my old one. Everything has fit effortlessly in the drawer and I have not had anything fall through the grid. I was also worried it might take longer to load and unload, but it seems to actually take less time. Loading takes slightly longer but having everything already organised means putting away is very quick! There is a red plastic grid on the middle rack to hold wine glasses, and notches on the plastic supports at the side for the stems. Other AEG dishwashers have red rubber clips to grip the stems but they don't seem to be available for this model. There is a separate plastic rack available to wash long-stemmed glasses, I may invest in one of those for after parties. Overall I am extremely happy with the performance and how easy it is to use. I cannot believe how quiet it is, aside from the clunk when it pushes the door open for the air-dry segment of the cycle - this made the cat jump a mile on the first day but he has been ok with it since!
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