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    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 2 DD2540IX Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Hotpoint Class 2 DD2540IX Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Hotpoint Class 2 DD2540IX Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel
    £282.50 Ex VAT
    • Electric Fuel Type
    • Electric Fan Oven Main Cavity Type
    • Electric Conventional Oven / Grill Second Cavity Type
    • 2 Cavities
    • Dimensions (cm) - H88.2 x W59.7 x D57.7
    4.7 / 5


    If I could give this oven 0 stars I would. It is the worst oven I have ever had the misfortune to own. When I only just had it installed, I called an engineer out because I thought something was wrong with it. Turns out that the grill has a thermostatic cut out, when it gets to a certain temperature, it cuts out. Usually takes between 6 - 8 minutes to come back on. This means, everything else is cooked but whatever you are grilling is not cooked. I only had for 2 years and 3 months and the element went in the top oven. I have never been so happy to get rid of a product as this oven. Take my advice, do not purchase. You will regret it.

    Avoid this product

    Absolute rubbish! Grill turns off during cooking and now Main oven stopped working in under 2 years…
    Gary Piggott


    Had this oven 1 week and still cannot use it as there were no racks and no grill pan delivered with it. Shocking when they said they would send them in 7 - 10 days......
    Kevin Dyer

    Stay away!!

    DO NOT buy this oven I've had nothing but probles with mine... within the first 2 weeks the grill broke. The grill also never cooks something properly as it always clicks off leaving your food half cooked... I had an engineer out about this and they told me this is how this model works - strange. I've now had this oven for 18 months and its no now both ovens do not heat up at all. Definitely would not recommend


    Bought this as a replacement for previous Hotpoint. Grill shuts down when hot so no cheese on toast no finishing omelettes. Main oven wont always recover temperature after opening door e.g to turn potatoes. last night took 20 minutes to reach 180 to cook pizza. Engineer attended today said both what I class as faults are in fact built in safety features. only installed in April but it wont be here for Christmas
    Rob Lewin

    Twelve months of frustration

    First and last Hotpoint cooker ever...grill only single element and not properly attached only one wire to hold it up! when grill element got hot it drooped down further after each use up to about 6 cm of droop!! wow! Main oven was under not heating well and seemed to be heating top oven at same time, so if resting food in top oven while using main oven food was actually overcooking in top oven??. Main oven element failed after only twelve months!!. Hotpoint = TOTAL FAIL.. not fit for purpose.

    Do not buy this oven

    This has got to be the worst oven we have ever bought. The outside gets so hot you can hardly press the timer or control knobs. It emits hot steam out of the bottom and the top which has totally ruined our kitchen cabinet. We have to place a tea towel over the top of the cupboard door directly underneath the oven to protect it from any further damage. The cupboard doors are de-laminating due to the heat. It takes quite a long time to heat up to temperature and you have to have the temperature set higher than a normal fan oven. It's one good point is that it is very quiet.
    A N Other

    Great service, awful product.,

    This is a cheap oven and it shows. The minute timer has a mind of its own and does not come on after pressing ‘several times’ as it says in the manual. I have had to press it up to 15 times before anything happens and then it needs a further process to set it. Not much use if you want to time a 3 minute egg - it’d be cooked before you managed to set the damn timer. Of more concern is that the control panel quickly gets too hot to touch when the oven is on - even the bottom fan oven which is further away from it. I can’t imagine it’s any good for the electrics behind it as well as being a burn hazard. I am really disappointed.