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    Customer Reviews - Belling BI902FP Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Belling BI902FP Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel

    Belling BI902FP Built In Electric Double Oven - Stainless Steel
    £324.17 Ex VAT
    • Electric Fuel Type
    • Electric Fan Oven Main Cavity Type
    • Electric Conventional Oven / Grill Second Cavity Type
    • 2 Cavities
    • Dimensions (cm) - H88.5 x W59.5 x D57.5
    4.6 / 5


    Very disappointing! I bought this to replace the previous Belling cooker which finally failed after 20 years of excellent service. What a mistake. I used 2 separate oven thermometers to test. The Main Oven:- The temperature control scale is only marked every 50 degrees with no gradations anywhere so anything between those figures is pure guesswork. If I set the temperature to 200 degrees, The light goes out at 150 degrees and the temperature reaches 175 after 30 minutes but goes no higher. To cook at 200 I have to set it to approximately 225 and wait at least 45 minutes before starting. The temperature light is so dim you have to stand directly in front of it to see it. The Grill:- Very slow warm up as with the main oven. Trying to grill 4 fish fingers in the centre of the grill pan using the half grill resulted is some being burnt and others part cooked. I also attempted to grill 2 thin chicken breasts on maximum setting for full grill and eventually after 20 minutes ended up with 2 insipid white offerings with no browning at all.

    Replacement Belling for Belling

    Our replacement oven looks good, but we haven't had it long enough to give a full assessment of how well it functions. I can however draw comparisons with our old double oven - 1 The user manual is nowhere near as comprehensive.or helpful. 2, the ovens will be harder to keep clean without the self cleaning panels and I miss the tray which covered the grill area and protected the top and elements from fat splashes. .All things new have to be got used to though (especially the touch screen!) and I'm sure the oven will be as good as it looks.

    Good enough but not robust

    The oven does take some time to heat up but (now the fan is fixed!) is very quiet. It arrives without a dedicated grill tray (why?). Whatever they say about tastes not transferring is a complete nonsense. It also doesn't cook evenly, despite the fan - you need to turn loaves half way through, for example. The buttons are cheap plastic and I can't really see them lasting. The temperature gauges are in increments of 50° which is unhelpful for the dyscalculaic. The light in the top oven seems to have a mind of its own - at least, I can't figure out when or not it's supposed to be lit. The instruction manual is of very little use. Have now had the oven fully operational for four days and have put it though its paces in that time. Both ovens are fortunately capacious and so far easy to clean. If you're so inclined, the glass from the door can be removed for cleaning. I like the shelf feature which means they can't just slide out. That the grill pan doubles up as the main oven drip tray is annoying.

    First class oven

    This product replaced a different model The original was double the price when researched This oven works just as good

    AO always keenly priced and deliveries kept well informed.

    Purchased a Belling double oven at a very good price from AO. (this is our third white goods purchase using AO.) The process is so simple, full information is always given in the specifications and they take PayPal which makes it all very painless and efficient. Our delivery was delayed (it was just before Christmas) but we were kept informed every step of the way by texts, and given the opportunity to rearrange delivery if we could not be in. Not AO's fault but the oven was faulty in manufacture and an engineer is calling under warranty just after Christmas. On line prices are keenly fought over so I do like the fact that AO guarantee to price match if you find it cheaper elsewhere. I am always happy to find a bargain and AO always provide me with one.
    John Wright

    Belling double oven

    Overall O am very happy with the look and functions of Theo’s oven. The bottions and very good quality unlike some that look cheap, the display is on white Led amd kits with the others in my kitchen again adds to the chic appearance. I would say it does not appear to hear up as fast as my previous oven , maybe this will improve with use. The triple glaze door does cut down the fan noise a lot although It’s soft close I have noticed if it doesn’t close fully it vibrates and I have to give it a nudge! Keeping my eye on this ??

    Good basic oven.

    Simple to set up and use. Good clear view through the doors with the interior illuminated well. Doors and shelves are easily removed to allow cleaning and again the internal lighting will help. No grill pan provided - the pan from the main oven can be used, but there is no handle (we kept our old grill pan to use). Oven temperatures are not very accurate, but this seems to be common with all makes of oven and requires a learning process to achieve best results. Reasonably quiet in operation.
    Don Baxter

    Fine but rubber seal not attached properly.

    Looks great. Cooks well. Easy to use. On the down side, the rubber seal in the main oven is not attached properly and lot of condensation leaks onto the wooden cupboard (built in) when you open the door which will cause damage to the wood.