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    Why you should fit properties with Bosch’s quality cooking appliances

    Want to make sure you’re fitting your businesses or properties with quality appliances? We’ve caught up with the Business Unit Head for Cooking at BSH, as they talk through the innovation and quality of their appliances, the future of Bosch’s cooking range and the reliability of their warranty and repair service.

    Tell us about your role?

    I am the Business Unit Head for Cooking at BSH, I have been with the company for over 30 years and oversee product management and development for all cooking appliances across BSH UK and Ireland.


    Why should customers put BSH appliances/Bosch Ovens in their properties and businesses?

    We ensure Bosch appliances are ‘invented for life’ and are built with longevity in mind. All of our products are made to an incredibly high standard throughout each stage of production.

    Our manufacturing process is driven by thorough quality control measures across all areas, from the initial design phase through to production and aftercare. This means our cooking appliances are built to last. By choosing Bosch appliances, customers are able to own solutions that make their tenants lives easier at home.


    Tell us about the evolution of Bosch cooking appliances and how they have advanced over the last 5-10 years?

    We strive to use contemporary technology and designs in our innovations across all product categories. Within cooking, the last decade has seen the introduction of steam cooking, as steam ovens are becoming more desirable in the home since they give consumers flexibility and allow them to make more health conscious choices.

    Another advancement is that most of our cooking appliances nowadays come with easy to clean, touch displays as standard. This user friendly feature not only modernises the look and feel of the appliance, it allows consumers to keep their homes and appliances hygienic and clean easily and quickly, which is a priority today more than ever.


    BSH is renowned for making quality products with innovative features and programmes. What Bosch cooking features and technologies should customers look out for and what are the benefits?

    All cooking appliances at BSH are designed with customers’ needs in mind. All Bosch ovens come with powerful grill elements and 3D Hot Air technology as standard, these are designed specifically for efficiency and achieve perfect baking and roasting results on up to three levels simultaneously.

    A wide range of our models now come with added steam which gives choice and flexibility. Customers should look out for these features, as additional options like this are not always available at entry-level when buying from other manufacturers.

    Therefore when buying from Bosch at any price point, customers benefit from our technological innovations cascading down to all series. This means all consumers can experience high quality and reliable results from any Bosch purchase. 


    Sustainable products are important to consumers, what Bosch oven products and features contribute to sustainable living or aid energy saving?

    Environmental sustainability is a hugely important topic for Bosch and BSH globally - it’s an area we are doing a lot of work in. Our focus is on; minimising our carbon footprint and using resources more efficiently through a circular economy. We’re pleased to say that since the end of 2020, all BSH sites worldwide are now carbon-neutral.

    We strive to create solutions that contribute to sustainable living beyond our factories and into your home. Our models that come with EcoClean Direct make oven cleaning easy and energy saving. A special coating of ceramic spheres on the back wall breaks down grease spatters while you bake or roast, making your appliances easier to clean and without the need for harsh chemicals. Saving you time and energy.


    What do you feel is next for Bosch ovens in the near future?

    Post pandemic, we all spend much more time in our homes than we used to and consumers want smart solutions that can keep their households connected and efficient. With that in mind, I feel our Home Connect technology will continue to develop to support consumers even more. As well as controlling appliances remotely, Home Connect also offers set programmes for certain foods and recipe ideas, and I think in the future we will continue to build on this technology.

    Also with the return to office working and consumers being tight on time, combination cooking (by using a microwave oven) is increasing in popularity. I can see BSH bringing this technology across all cooking product series as combination cooking is a great solution for our consumers, since it provides quicker and more convenient cooking results whilst saving money and energy.


    What makes BSH aftercare service different to other alternatives within the market?

    BSH has an extensive service network of highly skilled and trained engineers providing a quality service across the country. These expert engineers are employed and trained by BSH, giving them unrivalled knowledge and expertise of our appliances.

    These teams are on hand to provide repairs and general maintenance on appliances. All repairs are carried out with genuine parts and all our repairs are guaranteed for 12 months.

    At the booking stage for any engineer visits, our call centre teams capture all the appliance details and fault descriptions to allow our technicians to pre-prep the required parts. This means on the day of the visit the engineer can complete the job first-time.

    As well as our engineer service, all Bosch appliances come with a two-year warranty as standard with options to extend this to five years on certain products. We also keep spare parts for up to 10 years on our major domestic appliances for added peace of mind for customers.