It's a beauty!

The Elise cooker really is special. As it is made to order, I had to wait a while to get it but it was worth the wait. The colour, cream, was not stocked anywhere locally, so I hadn't even seen it until it was delivered and I was somewhat relieved that the colour fits in with my industrial/country kitchen, being a somewhat muted cream, rather than shiny and bright, which would have looked cheaper I feel. The brushed nickel knobs feel expensive and the ovens and grill are quick to heat and easy to use and clean. The only major problem I had was that the wok burner is on the outer sides, so with the wok pan on top, it would not fit in the fireplace alcove with a pan in place. We solved this by bringing the cooker forward a little, so it sits out of the fireplace, which looks fine and we now have a small shelf behind the cooker which is actually quite useful. Bearing this in mind, make sure you have room at the sides of the cooker for the wok. A minor problem is that you have to keep the knob down for a little longer than I would have anticipated, before the gas burners remain ignited but I have got used to it now but it can be a bother when you are in a hurry. Overall, I love it!