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    Customer Reviews - Bosch Series 4 HBS573BB0B Built In Electric Single Oven - Black - A Rated

    Customer Reviews - Bosch Series 4 HBS573BB0B Built In Electric Single Oven - Black - A Rated

    Bosch Series 4 HBS573BB0B Built In Electric Single Oven - Black - A Rated
    £440.83 Ex VAT
    • A Energy Rating
    • Multifunctional Main Cavity Type
    • Large (65 litres and above) Main Cavity Size
    • Electric Fuel Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H59.5 x W59.4 x D54.8
    4.4 / 5

    Neat and modern looking

    Very good overall. Symbols slightly confusing on oven settings.

    Steer clear

    Used the oven 5 times. It stopped working.

    Gotta go Bosch

    Very good product, bought as replacement for a 20 year old Bosch oven that finally broke down.
    Alan Rogers


    Great. Looks awesome and works fine so far. Very user friendly. No complaints.
    Jamie McNally


    Brilliant! Not too technical to use but has all the functions you’d want.
    Sam Reynolds

    Perfect replacement

    Perfect fit, looks good, controls easy to understand. I'm looking forward to many years of service from my new Bosch oven . Gillian G.
    Gillian Garland

    Very good by not quite great

    So far, this has been a very good upgrade to our previous oven, which was very noisy, had a dying fan, poor insulation, screen printed legends that had faded to nothing, and an element on its last legs. The bar was not high; a pair of hair curlers could have beaten it in cooking oven chips. This is not a sophisticated oven and has virtually zero smart features except a tedious way to set timers, but I was not too fussed and only cared that it was made by a reputable and trustworthy brand and that it had an effective way in cooking - the air circulation for even cooking was very interesting, and I have been impressed with this so far. I was also limited by the less than optimal way my kitchen wiring has been installed, so had to choose a less power hungry unit. Though the legends are thankfully not printed onto the panel surface, but behind, it can be difficult to determine the position of the temperature control without carefully looking at where the notch is. I am tall, which means I have to crouch down when setting this. Not a deal breaker at all, but just a poor choice as this could have easily been solved if the notch was a different colour to the rest of the knob. The oven also has a curious self cleaning method. I have yet to try it so not sure what to expect, but if it works as they say it does, I am expecting not to have to scrub the oven with nasty chemicals which will be fantastic. The price isn't cheap at all, but the oven is very competent at all the important things, which ultimately is cooking food. It won't blow you away in its feature set, but let's be honest, when was the last time you used anything more than perhaps two settings on your oven?

    Pretty decent

    Good features.