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    Customer Reviews - Vax CLSV-B4DC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Titan Silver

    Customer Reviews - Vax CLSV-B4DC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner Titan Silver

    Vax ONEPWR Blade 4 Pet & CAR Dual battery CLSV-B4DC Cordless Vacuum Cleaner - Titan Silver
    £307.50 Ex VAT
    • 0.65 Litres Dust Capacity
    • 90 Minutes Maximum Run Time
    • Bagless
    • Dry Cleaning Type
    • Dimensions (cm) - H114 x W24 x D18.5
    4.4 / 5

    Power but batter are bad

    The vacuum is powerful for a little hand held battery operated thing. Only problem being is as soon as you put full power on and the foot to spin you loose all battery life with in 10 minutes.
    Simon Gregory

    best stick hoover

    This is a great stick hoover with great suction. My daughter loves using this hoover because it is easy to carry around and she says it's a lot better than other stick hoovers we have had.
    allan calvert

    Great product

    Great product. So quick, easy and light.
    Ellen Gibbs

    Easy to use and with reasonable power

    The vax I bought work well on the carpets picking up hair etc especially on the boost power but will obviously drain the battery quicker which is why I wanted the twin battery option. The are a couple of small down sides,one is the collection compartment is quite small and the other one is it doesn’t stand up on its own. All in all a good product.
    Rob Upton

    Instant cleaning...

    The battery packs recharge in about an hour and it does an amazing job, not too heavy, powered brush bars in floor and hand versions. The only drawback is it's quite a small dust box but if you use it frequently then its fine. Very satisfied with my purchase.

    Adaptable hoover

    Light weight, excellent suction and adaptable

    Nifty little thing

    Great product, especially for the price, we have had issues getting everything up from the carpet, even with bulky machines. No more! This lil guy is so neat, easy to use and powerful too, I feel its definitely worth it especially as it is not the most expensive price range for vacuums. It comes with 2 batteries, so you can swap them out, not that we have ever needed to as it vacuums so quickly. The only fault I can really find at all (if you consider it that) is that it can't stand up on its own and if you want to use the hanger it comes with, you need to drill it into the wall, so if thats an issue to think about.
    J Merrick

    Cordless vax pet hoover

    Good hoover. Needs the extra power on for kids and pets though.
    Gillian Syme
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