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    Customer Reviews - Bosch SMD8YCX02G Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Customer Reviews - Bosch SMD8YCX02G Full Size Dishwasher Stainless Steel

    Bosch Series 8 SMD8YCX02G Built In Full Size Dishwasher - Stainless Steel
    £832.50 Ex VAT
    • 14 Place Settings
    • B Energy Rating
    • 8 Programmes
    • 43 dB Noise Level
    • Dimensions (cm) - H81.5 x W59.8 x D55
    4.9 / 5

    Good so far

    The dishwasher is quiet and the basket space is flexible which allows for maximum use of the space available. Plenty programmes but we use either auto (which is generally quicker) or eco. Easy to fit my existing front panel.
    Richard Jack

    Fabulous, quiet and lots of smart features

    A lovely dishwasher. It is so quiet at first I had to go check it’s running. Love the projection on the floor of the time to finish and what mode is active. The energy efficiency is great compared to our 20 year old one this replaces. I like the door self opening at end of the cycle. No wet dishes as the last cycle is a quick blow dry. Open the door and interior lights come on. Of course the dishes are clean but that is a minimum expectation of any dishwasher. have not connected to the phone yet, to use the additional functionality and create bespoke programs and timing. This Dishwasher is smart and pretty cool.

    Ok dishwasher

    It cleans well enough and it is quiet. The cutlery draw at the top means more room in bottom drawer BUT it means it gets stuck with middle drawer if glasses are a bit tall. Not great.

    Fantastic dishwasher

    Have been using this product for two weeks and can honestly say we love it. Provides a fantastic clean every time and has many useful cycles. The cutlery tray is also way more useful than I ever expected it to be. And despite initially thinking I wouldn’t care, the projected finish time on the floor is really great!


    Great product easy to work and easy l to clean

    Great machine, cleans very well

    Very happy with this dishwasher (and the AO installation service!) It cleans very effectively, even on the dirtiest of dishes and dries more effectively than any dishwasher I've previously owned. I've done over 10 washes so far and never any dirt left or even any streaks. The various flexible/adjustable compartments are very handy so you can allow for large bowls or pots and pans. The separate cutlery tray is also great as you can get a lot more in there than the baskets that other dishwashers come with. My only issue with the flexible racks is that I can't get tall glasses into the top section and have a normal sized dinner plate in the bottom section as that causes the rotor to hit the plates, but that's a minor issue. The selection of programmes is great - ranging from intense to quick and includes an auto setting that intelligently decides what to do. It also has an "extra dry" function that I use all the time to make sure everything can go straight into the cupboard after. The machine can also remember your favourite programmes so you can run them with a couple of touches. The smart app is a brilliant addition. You'd think an app for a dishwasher doesn't make sense because you have to go and load the dishwasher anyway, but the app makes it much easier to change the various settings on the dishwasher (child lock, water hardness, delay start, programme settings, favourites etc.). The app also helps you pick the right programme and gives you info about each programme, including wash time, energy usage and water consumption. It can also track how many tablets you have left, how many washes of rinse aid you have etc so you can order more before you run out. It also sends you notifications when it's done washing (and you can see how long is left when it's in the middle of a wash) Overall, very happy with the product.
    Jibran Ahmed

    All the bells and whistles you need!

    Fantastic machine, highly recommended!

    Has everything

    Very good. Build quality good, does everything and more.