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    Customer Reviews - Candy ROEH10A2TCE Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Customer Reviews - Candy ROEH10A2TCE Heat Pump Tumble Dryer White

    Candy ROEH10A2TCE Heat Pump Tumble Dryer - White
    £332.50 Ex VAT
    • Türkiye Country Of Origin
    • Iron Dry
    • Sensor Drying
    • Timed Drying Options
    • Dimensions (cm) - H85 x W60 x D60
    4.3 / 5


    Veselin Popov

    Brilliant product, so easy to use

    Very easy to install, we used the black tube to drain away the water instead of using the water collector in the door, no emptying, much easier, seems to dry quicker than the normal condenser, and clothes seem to be less creased, will have to wait to see how much less electric it uses, but impressed so far, the only thing I didn't like us the water collector in the door, I spent 10 minutes looking for it, and only found it when put clothes in. Quite a small machine which is surprising as I went for the 10kg one, and it wasn't a heavy machine, would definitely recommend it
    Andrea Caldwell

    Very pleased.

    It dries really quickly and it is much easier to empty the water than my previous tumble dryer. It has lots of useful settings and it quite quiet. Overall I am really pleased.
    Zoe campbell

    A good replacement

    Working well so far. Lots of programme options all of which take longer than the condenser drier it replaced. More economic overall however.
    Raymond Short

    Candy tumble dryer

    Early days yet but easy emptying of the innovative door water container Seems well made Can't comment on the energy consumption as yet as only been used a few times Great price with additional voucher

    Energy saving

    Nice looking machine Easy set up Fairly quiet

    Takes WAY TOO LONG to dry clothes.

    Bought as a replacement for a vented dryer. However, it isn't immediately obvious unless you study the user guide that it can take a MINIMUM of four and a half hours to dry a set of bed linen. I know it uses less electricity, but it seems to take FOREVER to dry! Our old dryer died because the bearings were worn out. I doubt this new dryer will last as long, as I expect the bearings to wear out 3 times quicker, considering we need to have to run the new dryer for 3 times longer. Yes, it does ( eventually ) dry the clothes, and the water reservoir is very easy to empty, so it gets 3 stars for that. There are a LOT of programme choices, but I expect only a couple will actually get used in practice. Its a 10kg dryer, but only 2 programmes will work at the maximum load of 10kg. Most program settings require a much smaller load. The buttons seem to be touch sensitive, and don't always respond to the touch, unless you have a large proportion of your fingerprint on the touch sensitive panel. I may get used to this eventually, but it's not as good as the haptic response you get when using an actual mechanical pushbutton. I tried downloading the user manual from the Candy website, but the actual model bought isn't listed on the website! Bought less than a week ago, but I'm already beginning to regret the purchase.

    So Far Pretty Good.

    This has only been in use for a little over a week but it does exactly what is asked of it. We have it set up with the water drain straight into the waste pipe but you have to leave the water tank in to get a proper seal. The dry cycle is quick and so far when it says it has finished drying the clothes are intact dry. The Wi-Fi ability is more of a gimmick really but there are many different drying programs available and I think you can make your own too. In truth I can’t see the need as there are only so many ways to dry something but you do get a notification from the app that your dryer has finished. Lint removal/filter cleaning is easy and there’s not a huge amount of noise or excess heat when running. I can’t comment on reliability yet but overall very happy so far.